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Knee guard
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The poleyn was a component of Medievall and Renaissanceá armor that protected the knee. During the transition from mail áarmor to plate armourá, this was among the earliest plate components to develop. They first appeared in the mid-thirteenth century and remained in use until the early seventeenth century when firearms made them obsolete.

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Encyclopedia of historical weapons

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The small loops leading from quillions to the blade. Made to protect the finger wrapped over the guard.
Early fourteenth century form of defence for the lower arm; also a term for an archer's arm guard to protect the forearm from the bowstring.
Ballock dagger
Also kidney dagger. Has a double-egded blade with a fuller in its center. Hilt made of wood, horn or sometimes ivory. Has two kidney shaped…
Also spelt corselet. A light half- armour popular in the six­teenth century for general military use (for example, for town…

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