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Crossbow with three crossbow bolts

A crossbow is a weapon consisting of a bow mounted on a stock that shoots projectiles, often called bolts . The medieval crossbow was called by many names, most of which derived from the word ballista.

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Crossbow bolt
(Crossbow bolt)
Price: 10 EUR
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Encyclopedia of historical weapons

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Also crossbow. Consists of a bow attached to an arched stick. Is powerful, low-trajectoried weapon. Fires a bolt (a shorter arrow).
A horizontal bow set at 90 degrees to the tiller and spanned by mechanical means. Originally made of horn, wood, and sinew, the bowstave was later…
Round pivoted component retained within the stock (tiller) of a crossbow to take the string. It is usually made of solid ivory or…
Large crossbow bolt. Dalmatia, 14th century.

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