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Buckler-glove iron Shield
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Catalog Nr.: ST-02.01
Exclude VAT: 141 EUR
Include VAT (21%): 170.61 EUR
Diameter: 28 cm
Weight: 1 kg

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Buckler-glove iron

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Encyclopedia of historical weapons

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Frankish and Anglo-Saxon throwing spear. Has a long (6 ft) thin iron neck with a barbed head. Almost indentical to the Roman…
Small and round hand- shield (9 – 18 inches in diameter) with a single handle or two enarmes. Has long spikes or hooks on its front,…
Also umbo. The round shaped piece of metal at the center of a shield. Protects the hand.
Also called inlay. A process used for the decoration of metal surfaces; usually silver or gold onto iron or steel. 'True'…

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