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War hammer - fist-brass
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Length: 64 cm

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War hammer -  typically feature an extended pole, opposite the blade, shaped and sometimes hardened for use as a hammer.  Iron axe-hammers are found in Roman military contexts .A short-hafted hammer used mainly in the late fifteenth and sixteenth cen­turies as a percussive weapon.

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Encyclopedia of historical weapons

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Bec de Corbin
Special type of a polehammer.
Bec de Faucon
Polearm with a large hammer head instead of an axe, and backed with a spike or curved fluke. Usually has a heavy steel…
Also called inlay. A process used for the decoration of metal surfaces; usually silver or gold onto iron or steel. 'True'…
A decorative process fre­quently applied to the surface of metals especially in Europe from about 1500 onwards; frequently used in conjunction…

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