Collection of weapons made of Aluminium&Titanimu alloy allow the wielders to handle the weapons with an ease and swiftly. That is why these weapons have been beloved by domestic and foreigner movie stars and stuns. We have also used them in our movie project¬†The Birth of¬†the Knighs. You have the opportunity to see them in action in movies like Knights Tale, Dungeon&Dragons, Johan of Arc, Narnia, Brothers Grimm and so on..

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Viking Axe of the Woods
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Deadly Axe of Norman Warrior
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Encyclopedia of historical weapons

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Close-fitted helmet with a visor and hinged cheek coverings. More sofisticated than bascinet and less sofisticated than…
Arming sword
Also short sword. Single-handed weapon which looks like a simple longsword. Attached to the a knight’s belt.
Also called Harquebus, Hackbut or Hagbush. A short gun used by infantry throughout the sixteenth and early seventeenth…
A curtain of mail attached by means of staples (ver-velles) around the base of a helmet (especially the basinet ), and…

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